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Innovative, integrated and inexpensive IT support services

Managed Services

Leading value, complete end-to-end systems implementation and support services.

Retail Response are trusted by some of the UK's largest retailers to provide consistently reliable and inexpensive services.

More than 15 years maximising store systems up-time by delivering on-time and right at the first attempt service.

24/7 Remote and on-site support.

Directly employed, well trained engineers, advance equipped with stock to maximise up-time.

UK based helpdesk specialising in triage and remote diagnostics.

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Attracting over 80 million visitors per year, Welcome Break had identified the need for a cost effective, proven provider of 24/7 Pos and Back office support.

Retail Response were engaged, and our team of directly employed engineers proved so successful in consistently exceeding SLA's that cover was extended to all on-site IT.
In 2019 Welcome Break further integrated their support package by employing the RR Service Desk for remote support. The end-to-end service solution immediately resulted in further cost savings for Welcome Break and a leaner, more
efficient service delivery.

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