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On-Site Support

On-site support - Directly employed engineers, carrying the right parts, 365 days per year

Our directly employed engineers maximise your up-time, since they are well-trained, experienced and carrying the right equipment to resolve a range of faults at the first attempt. We work with you to determine your Service Level Agreements to ensure an excellent value service at all times.

To find out more about the on-site support we provide, head to our WHSmith and Welcome Break case studies.


Maximum store up-time

We tailor our service to meet your requirements and ensure our engineer gets your site back online at the first visit, in compliance with your SLA.

Proactive service

Whilst our engineer is on-site, they will check with staff that other equipment is working correctly. If required they will log this equipment with our service desk for further analysis or even replace the part at the time themselves, resulting in minimal future disruption.   

P2PE compliance throughout

Our service desk, warehouse and repair centre, and on-site engineers are all trained in the P2PE procedure, so any interactions with your payment devices will be fully PCI compliant.


Directly employed staff

Our engineers are directly employed by us, which means that they’re well trained, experienced and able to resolve your issue as soon as possible. As calls are logged by our service desk, our engineer is given all the information about the problem, minimising their necessary time on-site.​

Replacement stock, carried in advance

We know that when an engineer attends your site they need to fix the issue as quickly as possible, on the first visit. Retail Response invest in replacement stock so that our engineers have the necessary equipment to fix the issue. All stock is tracked in real-time on our bespoke service management system so we know our engineers always have the right parts.   

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