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Cashless Payment

P2PE and Stock Management

P2PE and stock management - Live inventory tracking 24/7 through our bespoke service management system

We are keenly aware of the importance of site uptime, especially when it comes to Pos and payment systems.

Retail Response has invested in bringing our business up to a PCI compliant standard and are fully accredited. All Peds are handled as required under P2PE accreditation, whether securely stored in our engineers’ vans or in our warehouses. 

All warehouse and engineer stock is tracked live, in real-time, on our bespoke service management system, so we are sure an engineer has the correct equipment in advance of a fault-call. 


Minimum site down-time

Our engineers can attend a site Monday to Sunday, throughout the UK, within 4x hours of a call being logged - and with our bespoke service management system we can ensure that the engineer has the correct parts to get your store back online. Our warehouse and repair centre proactively send out parts to engineers so they’re adequately stocked in advance of calls being logged.

Auditable stock reporting

Our service management system means we can offer you live and detailed stock reporting on your equipment, whether it’s stored in the warehouse or out in the field. Stock reports can be supplied at your convenience.


P2PE compliance throughout

Our service desk, warehouse and repair centre, and on-site engineers are all trained in P2PE procedures, so any interactions with your payment devices will be fully PCI compliant. We have existing relationships with Verifone, Worldpay, Mastercard and Adyen so we can seamlessly expedite returns and replacements of your faulty Peds with no hassle for your IT team or the end user. 

Bespoke service management system

Our service management system ensures that all the relevant information stays with an issue, there is no delay or loss of information as a ticket is escalated through our service desk team or on to our engineers. With all this data in one place we can analyse your call history and ensure we’re informing you of any fault trends and minimising incidents.

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